Sunday, September 5, 2010

Baby Brooklyn's First Birthday !

Brooklyn's actual birthday is September 2nd, her party was planned for Sept.4th, a Saturday: so, on the second, we had cake and ice cream at home.
Of course, Jacob made creative use of her birthday balloons . . .
The day of her party was beautiful; sunny and 78 degrees, so almost everyone was there to enjoy and celebrate her day.
(Heather, April,  Baby Brooklyn, Jasmin, and Jason)
(Jake and Chrissy, Roy cooked hot dogs)
(Jenn, My mom, and Nick - behind the post)
(Heather's friend, April)
(Nick and Brooklyn)
(Jenn's friend, Ashley, Caleb, Jenn's sister, Nicky, and Terry, Jenn's dad)

(Jenn in her Elmo shirt)
(Sesame Street theme)
(Birthday cake)
(Brooklyn's "smash cake")
Birthday song . . .
(Anna, Ashley, Nick, Brooklyn, Jenn, Terry)
(The end result.)
(Jenn's brother, Mathew, takes a swing at the pinata)
(April gives it a shot)
(Heather finally cracks it open)
(lots of gifts)

Monday, June 21, 2010

New Camera, New Photos !

These are taken with my new camera, a Nikon Coolpix.  Just like the one that Ashton Kutcher makes an ass of himself with on T.V. comercials.  Of course, nothing like the things that happen to Ashton Kutcher happen to me . . . but I really love this shiny, red, camera !  So . . . These are photos of family and friends from this past weekend.  (my Birthday, and Father's day) 


     Baby Brooklyn


Maycee & Heather

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stolen Photos

Okay, I've been stealing photos from various facebook albums.  It really irks me when no one sends me the good stuff.  I stole these first three from Chrissy. (she is Jake's girlfriend - Totally adorable !)

Jake when he wakes up - hehehe

Jasmin's babies; Ana, Caleb, and Christian.

Christian on his skate board - he's pretty good.

Jasmin and Caleb.                
Caleb, doing God knows what - He totally cracks me up!

Jason with Ana and Caleb

These are some pictures of my gorgeous daughter, Heather

Jake, when his hair was really long.(last summer)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brooklyn Photos

Okay, time for more pictures . . . Everyone's favorite model . . .